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Grįžti atgal
Mystical Ambassador
  • Super Friendly
  • Extraordinary
  • Out-of-this-world
  • Kafkaesque
  • Wise
Super power

Connects human spirits

This owlish looking creature is no ordinary owl. His special power is connecting human spirits. Ask a friend to take a long deep look into his eyes. The next day you will notice that your friend likes you even more! Be sure to thank the mystical friend-maker for his service. And he will continue to nurture the feelings of love and companionship between you and your friends.

When presented from one friend to another, this magician sets up a spiritual embassy in the home of his new master. From this embassy, the owl works his magic to foster the friendship between the gift’s giver and the gift’s receiver. So it really works two ways: as a personal assistant who helps you win the liking of others, and as a gift that works as your embassy in your friend’s life.

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